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Secrets of the Motherworld

Aug 26, 2019

Here’s our story for this week

“I don't feel like pregnancy, motherhood and its sacrifices come naturally to me. I wish women were able to lay an egg and then the father sits on it for 9 months. I do my job and love my kids but I suffer a bit from lack of time and freedom since I am a creative person, have a job and am a dream guide. People often criticize my lack of knowledge in motherly things like cooking and interest in their school activities. It just isn't my forte and I battle with "I am a bad mom" syndrome because of the comparison game. I am not into speaking with other mothers about kid’s topics, I can never relate. I am always the awkward mom in a playground setting. My husband is a better parent in that regard. He is a natural at parenting. When I was pregnant everybody kept telling me how it was an instinct that would kick in. nope! Yes, I have the protective mother wolf instinct. And I love being out with my kids or hanging out with the family... but I don't enjoy kid’s activities. I feel my soul gets sucked away with kids day to day demands and kids activities etc. Like a sensory overload.”

Lisa discussed the story of the Selkie Bride.