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Secrets of the Motherworld

Jun 30, 2020

“I would like to hear your thoughts on how parents can speak about the elephant in the room. 

My daughter is 15 and we have experienced school refusal for some years now. The lockdown has been great for her and she has enjoyed it. And yet. I know we, as a family, have colluded in her avoidance of any...

Jun 23, 2020

My 13 year-old daughter is overweight and I don't know how to handle this. 

We have always had food problems in the family as  my husband has battled with his weight all his adult life. He is a great cook and I also battle with my weight. My daughter doesn't really care about her weight and just wants to be free to...

Jun 16, 2020

“Hi Lisa and Stella. This is not so much of a question, but a warm and heartfelt THANK YOU. I think (hope!) that we're slowly getting to the end of some really tough years.

Two years ago our youngest daughter at 13 rapidly developed anxiety and then presented herself as trans. Now I know it was pretty much the usual

Jun 9, 2020

 A year ago when our ADD student daughter then aged 21 revealed to my husband and myself that she was on a waiting list to have cross sex treatment, our 16-year-old son took the role of her trans ally. My husband said he would tolerate her having a partial mastectomy. My family doctor referred me to Mermaids. I called...

Jun 2, 2020

I worry that my boy is not very clever and I am secretly embarrassed and ashamed about this. 

My family is over-invested in achievement and especially educational achievement and the cousins' fabulous exam results are continuously talked about within our family WhatsApp. 

It is very distressing to feel ashamed of my...